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Hi, we're Istanalytics


We are here to help your data analytic and visualization requirements. Our eye-catching portfolio will provide end to end solution stack from your source data to executive dashboards.

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Our Story

Company Profile

Istanalytics' main focus is DATA. We are a group of people who are in love with data analytics.

Since we began our professional journey we’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate on many of local and global data analytics projects. It was a great pleasure for us to experience working with different cultures face to face and learn the common language of successfull businesses. This language is named as "Work smart and enjoy the success together!". 

Now we started a new journey and our target is providing end to end toolset and solution methodology to startups, public sector accounts and enterprises ho would like to utilize "Data Analytics" in the organization. 


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Knowledge & Expertise

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End To End Data Analytics Coverage

We are providing a complete set of services from accessing your data to visualize it. These services include 

  • Platform selection

  • Installation

  • Data access configuration

  • Transformation

  • Building the content

  • Providing Executive Dashboards

  • Training


Project Management

One of the most important input to your data analytics journey will be our project management expertise. We are proposing a valuable project management practice which is supported by our global deployments know-how, will speed up your target achievements.



We help you becoming your advocate for every stage;

  • Assessing DW, BI and advanced analytics status

  • Drawing a roadmap together

  • Setting strategies together

  • Ensuring the quality of the execution

When you start your journey, we become your teammate and work hard for our success. 

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IBM Portfolio


Planning Analytics

Cognos Analytics

Open Source Product Portfolio



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Be prepared to the journey

How we can help you for the preperation

Understanding the problem

We had a history of facing many business cases like attending to tenders, being in competitions and working with huge vendors.

In most cases, what we figured out was business requirements were not properly analyzed. Most of the business needs are addressing straight-forward approaches. These requirements should normally shape the DW, BI and Analytics architecture.


In many cases, we saw that IT departments left alone to decide a toolset to answer current and future business needs.

What we think is, deciding a toolset or architecture should have some layers. At the beginning of such kind of a journey, everyone should accept that, this is a long way and it needs different types of expertise which will guide the companies analytic evaluation. 

So most important thing is; each company should find trusted advisors (internal or extornal) who will become their advocates at each stage of the lifecycle.

Consensus and handshaking

Think that you are going to buy a kitchen furniture. Furniture maker sits down with you and does the high level design with you. He shows some examples and explains pros and cons for every detail. At the end, more or less you get what you need.

Absolutely in practice, this is much more difficult in our business. But we believe, at the very beginning of preperation stage, being ready for careful discussions and agreements at every level of organization at every stage will eliminate the risks as much as possible. 

What needs to be understood that, this is a time consuming process. But at the end gathering the correct output is better than spending time for nothing.

Setting the expectation correctly

When the company is ready to start, first thing to do is definng the scope and setting the targets correctly.

The expectations will shape the architecture, toolset decision and of course companies profitability from every aspect of the concept.

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